LOCATION: Stockholm, Sweden

PRICE: 1295 SEK / $198 AUD


Summerburst is Sweden’s annual summer festival. Held in both Gothenburg and Stockholm, the two day festival features a wide range of electronic artists across three stages. Tickets start at just under $200 AUD for two day passes and while this festival is on the pricier side, it’s definitely worth checking out.



This year, I attended Summerburst’s 8thannual edition in the heart and capital of Sweden, Stockholm. The festival featured some of the largest names in the electronic dance scene as well as some smaller and up and coming artists. Located just a short walk from the city center, the festival takes place in Stockholm’s Olympic stadium which acts as the perfect location for an event of this nature. The exterior of the venue resembles a castle, which created the perfect Nordic vibe when entering the grounds. Along with the list of impressive names, the festival also featured a variety of activities including a free photo booth and a ball pit! A number of food vendors were located outside the stadium and bars were located throughout the stadium.



The VIP areas at this festival are located on either side of the main stage, giving festival goers a view of the stage without the crowding. Private bars and bathrooms are available within the VIP areas with little to no wait times. The overall atmosphere in the VIP area is very different to the general admission area with most ticketholders behaving much more friendly and respectful.



My favourite set of the weekend was Axwell /\ Ingrosso. I’ve heard nothing but good things about seeing these guys play in their home country but actually experiencing this set was an entirely different level! The energy in the stadium was absolutely mental with every single person from the front rail all the way to the very back, singing along to every single song! I’ve seen these guys all over the world and nothing compares to seeing them in Sweden so if you ever get the opportunity, add this to your bucket list!



There were two things in particular that stuck out to me about this festival. The first was the layout, with the main stage located inside the stadium and the two smaller stages along the outside. The newest and smallest stage was located at the very back and could only be accessed by walking through the main stage area and through a back entrance, which proved to be almost impossible towards the end of the night when the entire stadium was packed. While the organisers used the space up well, getting to this particular stage definitely could have been made easier. My other issue was not with the festival but with its attendees. The crowds in Europe are very different to those in America and Asia but for some reason, the Swedish crowd in particular was incredibly rude. Standing in the general admission area for the majority of the event, I was constantly pushed and shoved by others trying to get through with no apologies or remorse. These attendees don’t even ‘try’ to get by you, their first instinct is to walk straight into you to get to where they want to be and this ultimately ruined the experience for me. If you are bothered by this type of behaviour at festivals, I strongly recommend purchasing a VIP ticket for this one as the separated areas give you a sense of personal space and the overall vibe in those areas are a lot more friendly and respectable with little to no pushing.



Aside from the undesirable behaviours of the crowd, I definitely enjoyed this festival. The organisers combined a variety of international names with the perfect central location and tied together the various activities and sponsors flawlessly! The energy from the crowd is unlike anything I’ve experienced before and I would love to come back again!


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