I remember sitting in a hostel in Malaysia a few weeks ago, waiting for Ultra tickets to go on sale, when my friend Kyle popped up to me asking why I wanted to do so many festivals in a year. It caught me off guard because up until this point, I had never really given any thought as to why I do anything. I just do!


The thought of travelling the world and going to music festivals was just a stupid idea I had as a child back when I didn’t think I would let myself live long enough to actually make it happen. During my final year of high school, one of my favourite DJ’s released a song called Year Of Summer which inspired me to come up with the most crazy and unrealistic idea to put at the top of my bucket list: Attend a music festival every single weekend for a whole year. With no money or freedom at the time, I made a promise to myself that once I finished university, I would travel the world and make this dream a reality.


If you asked 17 year old me why I wanted to do something so crazy, I would’ve told you about how I dreamt of dressing up in the rave outfits that I saw all over tumblr and dancing in the front row of the biggest festivals in the world with my favourite artists only metres in front of me. But since then, I’ve travelled world, I’ve danced to all my favourite songs, I’ve been to the biggest festivals and I’ve even met some of my favourite artists! So how do I justify doing what I’m about to do?


Over the last two years, I’ve been secretly working on a project where I document every single day of my life. It started out as a personal project to see if I could actually make it through the whole year and create something that I could look back on one day but eventually turned into a small community of people from all over the world who support me and follow my crazy adventures. I have been fortunate enough to experience and witness first hand, how incredibly powerful the festival community is and how music can unite people from all over the world. My biggest fear and one of the things that held me back for so long was going to festivals by myself but I can honestly say after having attended over 50 events solo, not once did I ever feel alone.


So why am I doing this? To give back to the people who made me who I am today. To spread happiness and positivity all over the world. To inspire others to step out of their comfort zone and work hard towards their goals. And to share these experiences with the people who need them the most.